Nature protection areas

Thanks to its geographical location, Sallent de Gállego has a great diversity of landscapes, some of which, thanks to their quality or uniqueness, have been protected.

The most important of these protected areas is the Ordesa-Viñamala Biosphere Reserve, which was declared as such in 1970 by UNESCO and, together with the Sierra de Grazalema, was the first in Spain, but it was not until 2013 when the reserve was extended to cover 117,264.99 hectares, that Sallent became part of it.
The most outstanding features of the reserve are the high mountain landscapes, with glaciers and the formations such as valleys or moraines that they create, forests and pine forests and high mountain pastures.

Another protected area in the municipality is the Natural Monument of the Pyrenean Glaciers, which includes the Balaitus Massif and the Picos del Infierno.

The municipality also has several SPAs (special protection areas for birds), such as Viñamala or Collarada-Ibón de Ip and SCI (site of community interest), such as the peak and peat bogs of Anayet, the headwaters of the river Aguas Limpias or the peat bogs of the Macizo de los Infiernos.

The wealth of fauna and flora in the municipality is also remarkable, as we can find a diversity of birds (bearded vulture, short-toed eagle...), amphibians (Pyrenean newt, pyrenaic frog), mammals (sarriot, alpine marmot...) and plants such as the lady's slipper.
All of the above make Sallent de Gallego, Formigal, Lanuza and its surroundings a privileged place to enjoy nature in the high mountains.