Sacred music

What we call Música Sacra Sallentina consists of a series of religious compositions, unpublished at this time, which have been preserved in Sallent throughout the ages. Lately they have been declared by the Town Council as a LOCAL CULTURAL INTEREST.

Although we do not know their origin due to lack of documentation, it is believed that they come, at least the one we call "Solemn Mass", more popularly known as "The Mass of Sallent", from the Council of Trent, in the 16th century, because in it many of the instructions that were dictated at that time for the liturgy are observed.

Nous pourrions souligner que ce répertoire, tel qu'il est aujourd'hui conservé à Sallent, est très probablement unique au monde, car il a été transmis de père en fils uniquement par tradition orale, en l'absence de partitions, ce qui lui a également conféré une idiosyncrasie unique. Il existe deux CD de ces pièces musicales, qui peuvent être achetés à l'Office du tourisme.   

The Música Sacra Sallentina is performed by a choir of men from Sallent and consists of the following compositions:

  • Solemn Mass, which is sung on: Christmas, Easter Sunday, August and September Patron Saint's Festivals.
  • Advent and Lenten Mass, at the proper times.
  • Misa de Difuntos (Mass for the Dead), in the Patronal Festivals of August and September; and also on All Souls' Day.
  • Other religious songs: Magnificat, Ave Maris Stella, Miserére méi Deus, Laudate Dóminum Semper.