Sallent route: Resistance core (NR) 109-110.

There are numerous bunkers on this route but some are in very poor condition or difficult to access. In addition, some of these sites cannot be seen as they are in private fields.  

Several of them have been adapted so that they can be visited.

In Sallent, in "Del Paco" neighbourhood, there are two on the way to the San Mamés viewpoint, located on a small hill of the same name. Climbing up the path on the right is a bunker for a machine gun. A table for a machine gun was built inside it. From here a small path leads off and a few metres away is a small field where a double machine-gun emplacement is located. We can see its loopholes located in the same counter-terrain wall. The purpose of both works would have been to beat the terrain around Sallent in a semicircle whose diameter is approximately the line formed by the Aguas Limpias river, prolonged by the Gállego.

In Lanuza we find several in the "Castiecho". Past the village of Lanuza in the direction of the dam we take the forest track that goes towards Panticosa. From there there is a path to the right. There we have a bunker for a machine gun almost at the top and just at the top we have another one also for a machine gun and inside it a table for a machine gun. Both seem to have been intended for an anti-aircraft machine gun as well.

Following the track towards Panticosa we will see another path on the right and right there we find a bunker for a machine gun and inside it a table for a machine gun. We continue along the path to the right and in the upper part we have an ammunition and supplies depot with three entrances.

At the beginning of the track towards Panticosa on the left we find a bunker that seems to have been intended for an infantry gun. Inside we can see the formation of stalactites and stalagmites.

In Formigal in the area of the Arrigal ravine and the Sextas area.