Formigal is a residential area belonging to the municipality of Sallent de Gállego.  

It has a population of 202 inhabitants, mainly dedicated to the tourist sector.

Located at an altitude of 1550 metres, next to the Aramón Formigal ski resort, and a few kilometres from the French border at Portalet.

It is an important holiday resort for skiing and snow sports in winter, and a mountain resort that in summer offers a wide range of sports activities and organised excursions.

In the Formigal tourist complex, contrasting with the modernity of the buildings, the church of Basarán stands out, in Mozarabic or Romanesque-Lombard style, depending on the author (10th-11th century), which was moved from this uninhabited village in the Sobrepuerto in 1974. In the new assembly, the tower and the access door were added, which did not exist in the original construction and which are a copy of the church of Lárrede, the main example of the group of churches in Serrablo.