Route of the bunkers in Sallent de Gállego, Lanuza and Formigal

To see the Formigal bunkers, you have to go by car to the Sextas car park.

To enjoy the Lanuza and Sallent bunkers, we have two options:

  • If we feel like a day's walk to see the bunkers, we have the option of leaving the car parked in the square. We walk in the direction of the bunkers of the San Mamés viewpoint, once we have seen and enjoyed the views, we head towards Lanuza. We reach the track towards Panticosa to see the Castiecho bunkers. To return to Sallent, we can enjoy the Lanuza nature trail that runs parallel to the lake and where we have several picnic areas to eat.
  • If we do not have so much time, the other option is to park in the square and walk to the viewpoint of San Mamés to enjoy the views and at the same time see the bunkers that have been set up. We will return to the car and go towards Lanuza and park where the track to Panticosa starts. Once there we will enjoy the rest of the bunkers.

Line P. Route of the bunkers. San Mamés. Sallent de Gállego.

We leave from the Town Hall and to the right we cross the Roman bridge (El Paco) until we reach the El Paco neighbourhood. Once there, follow the signs to San Mamés. Before reaching the viewpoint, we will find the first bunker. If we continue to the right along a small dirt track, we will find the second bunker. To return, go down the slope and you will reach the square.

0.91 kilometres - Easy.

Line P. Route of the bunkers. Castiecho de Lanuza.

On this route we find four bunkers, although if we combine it with the following route we will be able to see five bunkers in the same route.

We start on the track on the road to Lanuza that leads to Panticosa and a few metres further on we find a signpost on the right indicating the way to follow. It is a short but intense climb. Almost at the top there is a diversion to the right that takes us to the first bunker. We retrace our steps and continue climbing a few more metres until we reach the clearing at the top and there we will find the second bunker, with a panoramic view of the Lanuza reservoir and the Búbal reservoir.

We go down the way we came up and rejoin the track. Continue a few metres and you will find another signpost on the right. As soon as you take the path, you will see the first bunker on the left, which is very large and where you can see some inscriptions engraved on a table. We follow the path that takes us a few metres further on to a bunker, one of the largest that is clean and characterised by its triple arch. We retrace our steps and return to the track to return to the starting point.

3.22 kilometres - Easy.

Line P. Route of the bunkers. Lanuza.

As soon as you take the track that leads to Panticosa, a few metres after starting out, you will find a path on the left that will take you to the bunker in 5 minutes. The characteristic feature of this bunker is that inside we find the result of the passage of time and humidity: stalactites and stalagmites. This can be combined with the Castiecho bunker route.

0.34 kilometres - Easy.

Line P. Formigal.

To enjoy the Formigal bunkers, you have to go by car to the Sextas car park.

Once parked at the top (closest to the curve of the saddle), there is a sign indicating the way to the GR11. Follow the signs towards La Frontera and a few metres further on you will find the first one. There are three in a row, of which only two have been enabled.