10th-11th September

The livestock activity in these mountains was completed in the past with the livestock fairs that were held when the animals came down from the pass before the beginning of winter. The Sallent fair was the first of those organised in the Alto Gállego region and it was here that the prices of the cattle that would serve as the basis for sales in the coming months were set, and it also marked the starting point for the prices at other fairs that took place after this one. Every year in September, Sallent celebrates its livestock fair.

The Sallent town councillor for livestock farming explains, referring to the date of the event, that it has always been held on 10 September. "In recent years, we have made it coincide with the first Sunday in September for reasons of tourism and the influx of visitors, in order to open it up to the general public, even if they are not livestock breeders.

Regarding the importance of this fair, the councillor points out that it has gone from "having a very great importance in that it was used to set the price of the young cattle that were sold at this time and then, the rest of the Pyrenean cattle-breeding villages already knew a little about where the prices were going. This, although of lesser importance, still remains today, as a reference, to set prices and to know how the sale could go during the year, this is still maintained".